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Dentures in Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan Dentures

When it comes time to look for options to replace lost or missing teeth, LES Dental Group offers the highest quality options to reestablish your complete smile. Utilizing the latest dental technology and treatment modalities available today, we provide several solutions for the replacement of lost or missing teeth including dental implants, dental bridges and dentures in Lower Manhattan.

At LES Dental Group our patients are our partners in care, which means we are always attentive to their specific dental needs and the goals and expectations that they have for their smile. In some cases, dentures in Lower Manhattan are the most appropriate treatment option. These patients may be candidates for either partial or complete dentures. This depends on if there are any natural teeth remaining with suitable bone support, or if all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw are missing or need to be extracted.

Dentures in Lower Manhattan

Dentures are essentially natural appearing artificial teeth that are set in sturdy durable base. They are removable appliances that are precisely fabricated to fit the underlying gums and supporting bone in your upper or lower jaws. In some cases, added stability can be provided by the placement of a couple of implants onto which the denture clips. When it comes to caring for your dentures, only a little effort is required to keep them well maintained. By cleaning your dentures with the same regularity as you would with your natural teeth, you can keep your new smile looking its best. Alongside cleaning your dentures daily, make sure to maintain proper hygiene of your gums and tongue ensure your oral health as well.

If you are looking for a dentist with an established reputation of excellence, as well as one who provides a comprehensive range of dental services, consider call LES Dental Group. Whether you need dentures in lower Manhattan, or any other type of dental services, we are here to care for your smile.


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